So finally I got what was due to me since yonks ago. Alhamdulillah. Saw this quote on FB yesterday. How apt.

So yeah midgets, always believe in Him for He is most just. โ˜บ



What’s your name?

We went for a check up last week and the doctor confirmed that this one will be boy. Alhamdulillah

My prayers have been answered. Am really hoping for a boy this time. Heck, I was hoping for a boy the last time. Nevertheless, am still grateful for kampit. Owh, she is such a joy to watch now. So cheeky and so like her father. *grins*

Now we have been talking about baby names. I kinda love the name Umar. As in Umar Al Khatab. Both grammas however aren’t too keen with the name, saying that it cud be a tad too heavy/mighty for the baby to live up to.

I love the name hoping that he will grow up to be a firm, just person. Someone who’s not a pushover and who will give no quaters when he sees shit. Know wot I mean?

Owh well, we’ll see. There is still a few more months to go. Here’s hoping that everything will go as smoothly as possible and I won’t get as big as a house. Hehe

Blessed, I am

My my.. I haven’t been updating this blog for ages now. Who wud have thot, when once upon a time, this is the place where I often come to pour out anything and everything. Then again, I didnt anticipate kampit to be in the picture back when.

Owh before I forgot, here’s wishing Happy Mother’s day to all mothers out there. Hope you have a good celebration.

Kampit has yet to know the meaning of it, but nevermind. I just hope that she will behave and won’t be as clingy today.

See, I thot that kampit will be my only child, considering my age. Apparently He has other plans. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yours truly is 17 weeks along now. Yet to know the gender. Am hoping for a boy this time, but if it turns out to be another girl, that’s fine too.

Aiseh, was hoping that I cud write some more but the little diva is demanding my time. So, before I end this post here’s wishing you mothers (again) a happy Mother’s day with a picture of the cheeky monkey!


Second Anniversary

Tangga – Hebat: http://youtu.be/rwezE_qVyLM

Dedicating this song to hubs. Love u loads, yang! 😚😚

My sidekick

Aka kampit berasย  will turn 9 months old this Friday and now is up to a lot of antics. Latest on the tricks book is how she shakes her hand whenever Hi-5 is on tv. You know, the opening and closing song.

On top of that, she’s a terror on walker nowadays. Best get out of her way if you see her coming lest your feet will be trampled by them wheels.

So here are some more pics of my kampit beras..


Kampit beras be like am too posh for this pic, momma




The last pic is how she sleeps these days, in between us and in that position. Haihhh

And my favourite pic of all.. ๐Ÿ™‚


Home Made Junkie

Becoz yours truly have so much time on her hands these days, I have some what become obsessed with making home made food for my kampit beras.

Believe it or not, these days if i logged on to FB, i spent my time browsing the “home made solid food for baby” group, trying to keep up and grab as many info as i cud.

Kampit beras will turn 9 months next week. So far she has passed most of the fruit puree given to her (except for apple and banana), brown rice, all veges and chicken. This week am introducing fried anchovies to her. Few weeks from now, beef. Ambitious much, eh?  :p

In case I may lose these pics (which is most likely if I change my phone), below are some of the pics that I managed to snap


Cauliflower + pak choy + celery + fried anchovies + onion + garlic + ginger + evo


Russet potato + broccoli + grated cheddar cheese


Organic brown rice + dates + evoo


Peach + plum + pear + dates

Errr.. that’s about it then. Thot I snapped the chicken + broccoli + carrot combo, but cuden find the pic. Tsk

Eid 2014

Selamat hari raya. Maaf zahir batin from us ๐Ÿ™‚