Smartphone Usage

Despite using one of the most canggih smartphone in the market, my smartphone usage is only limited to a few apps. Been using Sony’s for a number of years now. Even the kids are using them, courtesy of their lovely mother *points to self * The downside of having that guilty feeling for having to spend too much time at the office. 

Anyhoo, the top list of apps being used by moi is as per below:

1) whatsapp and (sadly) office email – the two apps often used, anywhere anytime

2) instagram – to use when I wanna buy things (lelong, ebay, amazon is so 2010 and late) and to feed my current obsession on washi tapes, moleskine and gong yoo. Not necessarily in that order, mind you. Ahem. 

3) twitter – if i need to feed my need for cyber drama, this is the apps to go to. The people in there will argue on everything under the sun. One can also meet countless knows-it-all and holier-than-thou. 

4) fb, carousel – if am reaaaaaaallllyyyyy bored and have ample time to kill. 

5) google – to read online books. Yes, I have become cheap liddat. 

Alright, that’s about it. Come to think of it, I dun really need a canggih phone for all the above kan? Wait, don’t answer that question. 

Till I have more insightful things to blab, this is it. See you again errm, next year? Yeah, next year sounds about right. 



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