4 Months..

So my boy is 4 months old now. How time flies. Been neglecting this blog for the longest time. Having two kids really put your life into perspective. Blogging is righttt down at the bottom of the list nowadays. Not that I dun have something to blog about. I just dun have the time to do so. Heck, even 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem enough on certain days.

Aaaaanyway, am here to talk about these four months. Umar is so different from kampit. I mean, he’s definitely bigger than kampit. Have mild (ha!) temperament compared to kampit, except when he’s super sleepy or hungry. I believe he’ll start walking sooner than kampit too seeing his tendency of always trying to get up at any given opportunity. The only complain I have so far is getting him to sleep for more than half an hour during daytime. Haihhh.

Owh, and back to being unemployed for now. Just my luck I guess, to always have the chance of being unemployed whenever I have a baby. Hehe. Taking care of two babies really taught me about patience, something which I never thought I have it in me. So, yeah. I kinda like this arrangement. Sure, by sundown I will be very tired but no amount of money can compare to the joy of playing skip hop with your toddler. ☺

Here’s to another 8 months before Umar turns a year old. My only hope for him is that he’ll do his namesake proud. 😘



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