My cheeky monsters

Less than a week now before i pop. Though this will be a second time around, am still a lil bit nervous of the coming c sec. šŸ˜…šŸ˜…

Today marks the first time kampit taking a trip without me. Went to seremban to attend hubs cousin wedding. The whole family went except for me, seeing my conditions. Was a bit worried that she’d get cranky and what not, but from the pics hubs sent to me, seems like she’s having the time of her life. The only hiccup so far is when she cried buckets when pulled back from the dais coz the actual bride and groom were about to sit there. Sho glad I wasn’t around. Buat maluuuu saja. Hoh

Now the thing that irked me most now that I have the whole day (well, almost) to myself is that I cuden even sleep. Not even a wink. Right now, am sitting in front of the stupid box waiting for hubs to send me more pics of kampit while watching CSI marathon. 

Ok, show’s about to get really good. And here’s a pic of the two cheeky monsters. U take care midgets! Taaa



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