I came across this hadith a couple of weeks back and every time I read it, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W, “Sembahyang di masjidku sama nilainya dengan sepuluh ribu sembahyang. Sembahyang di Masjid Al-Haram, sama nilainya dengan seratus ribu sembahyang. Sembahyang di medan jihad sama nilai dengan dua juta sembahyang. Tetapi yang lebih tinggi nilainya daripada kesemua itu, ialah sembahyang dua rakaat yang dikerjakan oleh seseorang hamba di tengah malam.”

Dear Lord, I stand before You, humbled.

Accrual 101 for non finance personnel

Posted this on fb exactly a year ago. Think it’s worth to be posted here too. So enjoice!

Hai uols! Bersempena ahkak kena buat year end tahun ni, ahkak nak buat amal jariah sket lah. Selalu kita asyik dengar training technical for non technical personnel khuen? Malam ni ahkak nak bagi training (training kata kau takat 2/3 perenggan?). Accounting for non finance personnel. Gittewww
Hot topic masa year end ni, tak lain tak bukan adalah.. accrual. Ekcherli tetiap month end pun hot topic, tapi year end ni lebih terserlah lagi. 
Accrual 101. Ok, konsep accrual ni senang je chuols. Basic concept dia adalah untuk capture cost based on activities done. Ingat tu, based on activities done. Orang kampung ahkak sebut VOWD. Value of work done. So if job dah buat, ataupun chuols dah order barang ke service ke, kiranya cost dah incur lah, sungguhpun invoice belum dapat lagi, boleh accrue. Tapi ni untuk barang or service yg pakai untuk tahun ni je lah. Kalau order barang/service untuk tahun depan, jangan accrue tahun ni pulak. Accrue la tahun depan. Accrual ni di pakai bila cost dah jalan, tapi invoice tak kunjung tiba lagi. Maklum lah, ada vendor terlebih kaya, kosser nak bill kita khuen? Ada jugak vendor yang lembab. So, ikut lah korang dapat vendor yg macam mana. So, selagi tak dapat invoice yg dah diapprove, cost tu kena accrue. 
Accrual ni tak sama dengan budget ya. Ingat tu semua. Ahkak ulang lagi skali ni. Accrual TAK SAMA dengan budget. So, if budget korang tak habis pakai tahun ni, sila jangan memandai pegi accrue amount tu dengan harapan boleh diguna pakai tahun depan. Tak ada fahaman accounting (yg haluan kanan mahupun haluan kiri) yang pakai konsep ni ok? Senang citer, uols buat je lah budget baru. Sungguhpun nanti akan mendapat cercaan dari tuan tanah sebab tak buat budget betul2, itu adalah lebih baik dari menggunakan konsep accrue budget tahun ni untuk pakai tahun depan. Baru lah cemerlang, gemilang & terbilang. 
Ok, sapa2 yang tak accrue or salah accrue tu, esok sempat lagi. Tapi sampai esok je lah. Lusa dah nak tutup buku. Friday half day. Eh. 
Sehingga berjumpa di lain siaran, doa ahkak semoga chuols semua sempat betulkan accrual chuols yang dah hantar ke Finance, dan terus istiqomah menggunakan konsep accrual based on VOWD. Amin.

Smartphone Usage

Despite using one of the most canggih smartphone in the market, my smartphone usage is only limited to a few apps. Been using Sony’s for a number of years now. Even the kids are using them, courtesy of their lovely mother *points to self * The downside of having that guilty feeling for having to spend too much time at the office. 

Anyhoo, the top list of apps being used by moi is as per below:

1) whatsapp and (sadly) office email – the two apps often used, anywhere anytime

2) instagram – to use when I wanna buy things (lelong, ebay, amazon is so 2010 and late) and to feed my current obsession on washi tapes, moleskine and gong yoo. Not necessarily in that order, mind you. Ahem. 

3) twitter – if i need to feed my need for cyber drama, this is the apps to go to. The people in there will argue on everything under the sun. One can also meet countless knows-it-all and holier-than-thou. 

4) fb, carousel – if am reaaaaaaallllyyyyy bored and have ample time to kill. 

5) google – to read online books. Yes, I have become cheap liddat. 

Alright, that’s about it. Come to think of it, I dun really need a canggih phone for all the above kan? Wait, don’t answer that question. 

Till I have more insightful things to blab, this is it. See you again errm, next year? Yeah, next year sounds about right. 


Eid Mubarak 2016

From us; Nazaro, Ateen, Kampit Beras & Adik Sado 😉😉 


is the day I laugh all the way to the bank. Like really laughing.

Knowing I got bigger chunk than you definitely made the 10 years of waiting worth it. Owh yes, most definitely. Hahahahaha

4 Months..

So my boy is 4 months old now. How time flies. Been neglecting this blog for the longest time. Having two kids really put your life into perspective. Blogging is righttt down at the bottom of the list nowadays. Not that I dun have something to blog about. I just dun have the time to do so. Heck, even 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem enough on certain days.

Aaaaanyway, am here to talk about these four months. Umar is so different from kampit. I mean, he’s definitely bigger than kampit. Have mild (ha!) temperament compared to kampit, except when he’s super sleepy or hungry. I believe he’ll start walking sooner than kampit too seeing his tendency of always trying to get up at any given opportunity. The only complain I have so far is getting him to sleep for more than half an hour during daytime. Haihhh.

Owh, and back to being unemployed for now. Just my luck I guess, to always have the chance of being unemployed whenever I have a baby. Hehe. Taking care of two babies really taught me about patience, something which I never thought I have it in me. So, yeah. I kinda like this arrangement. Sure, by sundown I will be very tired but no amount of money can compare to the joy of playing skip hop with your toddler. ☺

Here’s to another 8 months before Umar turns a year old. My only hope for him is that he’ll do his namesake proud. 😘



The worst kind of grieving is when you can’t shed any tears and have to be strong for your little ones.

Have been more than a month now, and not a day passes by where I don’t miss you.


I pray you will be placed among those whom He favours. Al fatihah.

My cheeky monsters

Less than a week now before i pop. Though this will be a second time around, am still a lil bit nervous of the coming c sec. 😅😅

Today marks the first time kampit taking a trip without me. Went to seremban to attend hubs cousin wedding. The whole family went except for me, seeing my conditions. Was a bit worried that she’d get cranky and what not, but from the pics hubs sent to me, seems like she’s having the time of her life. The only hiccup so far is when she cried buckets when pulled back from the dais coz the actual bride and groom were about to sit there. Sho glad I wasn’t around. Buat maluuuu saja. Hoh

Now the thing that irked me most now that I have the whole day (well, almost) to myself is that I cuden even sleep. Not even a wink. Right now, am sitting in front of the stupid box waiting for hubs to send me more pics of kampit while watching CSI marathon. 

Ok, show’s about to get really good. And here’s a pic of the two cheeky monsters. U take care midgets! Taaa